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Give 5e fantasy heroes and villains an edge.

Give them the 250 Best Magic Items for 5th Edition fighters and rogues!

Items that scale with your proficiency bonus

  • Items that grant class abilities or racial traits
  • Items that grant monster traits
  • Items that unlock bonus powers based on class
  • Magical tattoos
  • New and revised weapon rules

This 5th Edition handbook is perfect for players and game masters (GMs) who want to add epic fun and variety to your Fifth Edition game with hundreds of martial and rogue-based magic items.

This 5e handbook is fully compatible for use with the 5e, the 5th Edition of the world's greatest fantasy roleplaying game, but to make full use of it, you also need a copy of the PHB, DMG, and MM.

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-- Awarded by DriveThru RPG (DTRPG)

"After having such a great experience with the 250 Best Items for Barbarians, Druids & Rangers, I grabbed this one, and it didn't disappoint."

-- Amazon reviewer

"Compatible with 5e/Pathfinder. Excellent resource for DMs. Well worth the cost."

-- Amazon reviewer

"This book is amazing. Great and fun items that your party will love. With some interesting rules changes for weapons and other elements."

-- Amazon reviewer

"I got all of the 250 Best Magic items books for Christmas this year and I love them. They are full of great information that will add to any campaign you are running. I highly recommend them!"

-- Amazon reviewer

"This is the second book of the series, continuing to add a wealth of unique magical items for DM's to use in D&D 5E campaign. The quality remains as high as the first, if not even better... This is an excellent book put together with experience and care."

-- Amazon reviewer

"A well-presented text and a good reference source of magical items. I thought that the items were appropriately power balanced and would add a further layer of enjoyment to those who play them."

-- Amazon UK reviewer

"Fantastic book to have in your DM's arsenal. Super easy to follow and filled with loads of really interesting and subtle items. Exactly what I needed for my magic item heavy dungeon crawl!"

-- DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) reviewer

"Super variety of non-overpowered magic items; I highly recommend."

-- DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) reviewer

"5 stars!"

-- DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) reviewer


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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