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Epic World Building for 5th Edition (5e) Game Masters!

Want to run realistic rites and rituals that bring your game world to life? Now you can! Inside this 5e handbook, you'll find exciting ideas and inspiration for:

  • Rites and Festivals (for most fantasy religions)
  • Rules for Arcane and Divine Magic Rituals
  • Rules for Fortune Tellers and Psychics (including detailed predictions)
  • 40 Omens and 100 Prophecies (plus random tables to generate your own)
  • New Magic Items and Nonmagical Equipment
  • Random Tables for Naming Temples, Festivals, Rites, Rituals, Arcane/Divine organizations, etc.

Plus Sympathetic Magic rules to create more powerful spells with:

  • Voodoo Dolls and Effigies
  • Blood, Hair, and Nail Clippings, etc.
  • True Names
  • Weather and Terrain-Based Magic to make environments more challenging and fun

This Fifth Edition sourcebook has everything you need to make magic and religion mysterious and dangerous, the way it should be! Look for other awesome 5e books from MageGate Games, including the 250 Best Magic Items and Extreme Encounters: Weather and Terrain series.

Note: To fully make use this accessory, you also need a copy of the 5th Edition PHB, DMG, and MM. However, most of this book is easily adapted for use with past editions of the world's greatest roleplaying game, with OSR, or any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG).




--Awarded by DTRPG


"Wow! A serious MUST for game masters. This book has so many good ideas, scenerios and useful information that just one of the game campaign ideas/rituals is worth the cover price. Mage Gate [delivers] a literal cornucopia of mind candy. I didn't even make it half way through the book and I already had a dozen ideas for upcoming gaming sessions.

"The book [is] easy to follow and digest. If you're a GM and are struggling for new hooks and ideas to add flavor to your current campaign, or need ideas for future campaigns, this book will help out! Add this to your gaming library and you won't be disappointed!"

-- Amazon reviewer


"Very well thought rules for GMs... Highly Recommended."

-- Amazon reviewer


"While religion and its ceremonies play a part in many campaigns (and have special importance to certain classes), it's a topic less often covered by supplemental materials, so it's great to have a resource to help enrich this aspect of TTRPGs. And this book provides a whole lot of well-thought facets, both mechanical and conceptual."

-- Amazon reviewer


"A must have book for all those who play clerics and people of faith. ...I was intrigued by Sympathetic Magic and how this could aid any spell caster, how the environment can bolster or hinder the affects of casting at certain times for example it's better to cast fireball in desert than in the middle of a snow storm.

"There is a large section on fortune tellers, omens and prophecies, including rules on professional teller with links to the future versus charlatans just looking to make quick coin. The book presents an in-depth look at religious festivals and their associated rites; giving ideas on how a community can act during a time of religious celebration. These also serve as a framework on how an aspiring player would have to complete certain tasks if wanted try to multiclass into a cleric.

"There a several new backgrounds and magical items which only serve to strengthen the ideas in this book such as exorcist or ritual specialist. Overall, I found this book enjoyable and agree with the authors that these options are "plug and play"... this is a useful resource for both player and DM's."

-- Amazon UK reviewer


"5 Stars!"

-- DriveThruRPG (DTRPG) reviewer


"Wouldn't it be nice to know what actually is going on [in a rite or ritual], so if your players ask a lot of questions, you san say, "Oh, well, [the bad guys are] doing this, and then they're doing that", and then there's also opportunities for you to have the characters have to do one of these [rituals]. Maybe one of their NPC friends has perished, and this is the only way to bring them back, or there's some other reason they need to do a ritual, maybe to stop the end of the world...

"Any direction you want to go—binding, cursing, charming—[MageGate's] got it covered... I really like this! There's just so much you can use, whether you let the players have at this or it's just a background thing or something the villains are up to, this is going to give you so much material. [There's] just really infinite directions you can go with this, and it's exciting to see so much on offer here, so check it out!"

-- Splinterverse (YouTube channel review)


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