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Create Desert, Holy, Lunar, and Solar Monster Lairs in Minutes! 

Enjoy quick, easy templates to spice up encounters, travel, and especially boss fights with any GM running encounters using celestials, desert creatures, lycanthropes, moon or sun worshipper cults, moonlit aberrations from beyond the stars, and for staging battles in sun-baked badlands, deserts, or in blistering summer heat. 

In this Radiant template pack, you get environment rules as well as new monsters and magic items for:

  • Holy Ground (magical terrain)
  • Moonlit Ground (magical terrain)
  • Solar Ground (magical terrain)
  • Desert or Badlands (nonmagical terrain)
  • Heatwave (nonmagical weather)
  • Sand Dunes (Desert) (nonmagical terrain)
  • Sandstorm (Dust Storm) (nonmagical weather)

We also give you options to increase the threat level of our magical terrains, right down to granting hostile creatures in them limited spell lists and/or other fun terrain-themed abilities!

This 5th Edition (5e) handbook is perfect for GMs who want to add epic fun and variety to your Fifth Edition game.

To use this 5e supplement, you also need a copy of the PHB, DMG, and MM from the world's greatest roleplaying game.



"I like the balanced rules for heat waves. There are rules for Moonlit Ground [for celestials, fey, lycanthropes, etc.] which is something I have never thought of before when running a campaign."

-- Amazon reviewer


"5 stars!"

-- DriveThruRPG (DTRPG) reviewer


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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