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Create Raging Infernos and Fire Monster Lairs in Minutes! 

Quick, easy templates to spice up encounters, travel, and especially boss fights with devils, fire elementals, fire giants, gold or red dragons, or staging battles in burning buildings, forest fires, volcanos, the Hells, or the Elemental Plane of Fire. 

In this extreme template pack, you get environment rules as well as new monsters and treasure ideas for:

  • Hot As Hell (magical terrain)
  • Burning Building (nonmagical terrain)
  • Fire Devil (nonmagical terrain)
  • Firestorm (nonmagical terrain)
  • Lave Flow (Active) (nonmagical terrain)
  • Lava Tubes (nonmagical terrain)
  • Volcanic Eruption (nonmagical terrain)
  • Wildfire (nonmagical terrain)

We also give gamemasters (GMs) options to increase the threat level of our magical terrains, including granting hostile creatures in them limited spell lists and/or other terrain-themed abilities! 

 This book is fully compatible with 5e, the 5th Edition of the world's greatest fantasy roleplaying game, but to make full use of it, you will also need a copy of the PHB, DMG, and MM.



"This is really positioning you to bring fiery conditions, regional effects, or hazardous terrain [into your game]. Check it out!"

-- Splinterverse (YouTube channel review)


"5 stars!"

-- DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) reviewer


"Good rules for burning buildings and handling lava flows."

-- DriveThruRPG (DTRPG) reviewer


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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